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User Attribute and Handle

User Attribute and Handle
Bayard 2012/08/07 12:52
I'd like to create a user attribute TUserAttribute in OCAF which inherits from TDF_Attribute, as described in OCAF user manual.

To add it in the OCAF Tree, the TDF_Label::Add( ) take a Handle_TDF_Attribute in parameter. When I try to code :

Handle(TUserAttribute) myUserAttribute;
myUserAttribute = new TUserAttribute();
myLabel.AddAttribute (myUserAttribute);

I get 'Handle_TUserAttribute' C2065 : undeclared identifier.

Do have I necessarily to create also Handle_TUserAttribute class ?
Like in Handle_TDataStdName.hxx : DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE(TDataStd_Name,TDF_Attribute) ..

Thank you for your answer.

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