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Problem using V3d_View::WindowFit

Problem using V3d_View::WindowFit
EricThompson 2012/08/01 00:07
I'm in the process of porting our application from 6.2.0 to 6.5.3.
With the old version, I could zoom in on a window using V3d_View::WindowFit. However, since porting to 6.5.3 the zoom does not happen. Any shapes that were shown in the view remain the same size. It does however, have some effect: the view is panned so that an new point is in the center. Also, if I call V3d_View::Scale(), the scale factor is changed by the call. Calling Redraw() has no effect.

Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Was there some step that I needed to add for this to work in 6.5.3?

Any help is appreciated!
Pawel 2012/08/01 12:10
Hi Eric,

I never had such an effect.

Can you maybe check if the MFC samples work as expected and then see if there are any differences comparing to your "fitting" code?

EricThompson 2012/08/03 01:33
I still don't know just what is going on, but I have some more information, and can work around it for my uses.

I've found that the problem only occurs if I create an instance of a subclass of AIS_Trihedron and display it in my context. Since the application I'm currently working with does not need the trihedron, my workaround is to simply not create it.
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