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OCC sewed surface problem with other software

OCC sewed surface problem with other software
Game Milky 2012/07/20 18:17

Dear OCC users,

This days, I was trying OCC sewing algorithm for different surfaces with inconsistencies! It happened that some sewed surfaces can not be opened by other software. I try to open with FREECAD, it works! But for other software such as Rhinoceros, IGS Viewer, they do not recognize the file! What could be the reason?

With regards

jelle 2012/07/20 19:20
IGES might be the problem. The thing is that IGES doesn't properly supported topological entities such as shells or solids.
So you often end up with a collection of faces. The issue is that some softwares try to reconstruct the topology, others don't.
Try a STEP file, which _is_ able to properly store the topology.

Game Milky 2012/07/23 10:29
      Thank you very much Jelle,

Yaa, it seems as you explained. I will try as you suggested and see the result.

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