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article game coder magazine

article game coder magazine
jelle 2012/07/17 11:36
Dear All,

I'm very curious whether a .pdf of the OCC article in Game Coder Magazine can be made available.
It would be terrific if this is publish as an amend to the existing documentation!

PG 2012/07/17 11:54
Yes , it would be good for all developer's as unpaid subscribers
of game coder cannot access it.

- pg
Forum supervisor 2012/07/17 18:12
Dear Jelle,

Game Coder Magazine published a revised and slightly updated version of OCCT Tutorial complemented with a short article about OPEN CASCADE Company, our development platforms, products and services. This Tutorial is available as part of standard OCCT documentation package including User's Guides and White Papers. The latest version of the Tutorial ameliorated for that publication will be available with the next release of Open CASCADE Technology.

Best regards, Forum Supervisor.
jelle 2012/07/17 19:40
Many thanks for the heads up, that's good news...
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