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V3d_View->SetComputedMode causes allocation/dealloction problem

V3d_View->SetComputedMode causes allocation/dealloction problem
PeterZ 2012/06/29 16:31
I try to upadate our project from OCC 6.3.1 to 6.5.3. (Win7/32). It seems to have an error in memory allocation/dealloction in the usage of V3d_View->SetComputedMode. The V3d_View->SetComputedMode itself works but the application crashes on exit in the V3d_View->Remove(). (internaly it crashes allways in OpenGl_Group::Clear() because of access to a non existing variable myAspect...)
If I don't use the SetComputedMode it doesn't crash on exit.
I tried to use the different Options MMGT_OPT=0/1 and MMGT_CLEAR=0/1 but without any success.
At the moment it is difficult to reproduce this error with only a few commands but maybe someone here had the same effect.

Thank you in advance.

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