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OpenCASCADE without X11 on linux?

OpenCASCADE without X11 on linux?
Tod Courtney 2012/06/21 00:47
is it possible to build OpenCASCADE on linux without X11 dependencies? I see a configure option for "--with-x" and that seems to be the default. I see some mention of an "--without-x" option but I don't see that it works. I still see X11 dependencies in lib TKService.
Denis Barbier 2012/06/21 11:44
Hello, you have to patch OCCT sources to do that. But this is available in OCE (on via a CMake build option (of course not all libraries are then built). I also tweaked the Debian package to avoid this dependency, you may have a look at those package sources (opencascade or oce).
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