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minimal bounding box [ AABB / oriented bounding box ]

minimal bounding box [ AABB / oriented bounding box ]
jelle 2012/05/20 15:31
The documentation tells me that the AppDef module allows for computing the minimal or oriented bounding box of a shape.
Though I have _really_ no idea how to get this to work.
Can I ask for a small demo? Pretty please?
Computing AABB's is a pretty important piece of functionality, it would be good to have this documented on this forum...


Mauro Mariotti 2012/06/14 21:02
What documentation?
In the "Modeling Data User's Guide" I read
"The AppDef package provides low-level tools to allow parallel approximation of groups of points into Bezier or B-Spline curves"
Nothing is said about bounding boxes.

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