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OCCT for XP 64bit

OCCT for XP 64bit
jordi 2012/01/17 10:55
Hi all,
i'm, trying to build OCCT for 64 bit in XP platform (Visual Studio), and i have problems when building TKOpenGL due to ftgl/freetype libraries.
The problem is that i can't find binaries of these libraries for XP 64bit platform, and the websites for that libraries don't provide build method for them in the required platform, as long as I have seen.
Does anyone have a solution for that? In the meantime I'm trying to adapt the build methods to the required platform...

Thanks, regards
Jordi X.
Alexander Schneller 2012/01/17 14:02
Hi Jordi,

i'm not sure, but i have build my ftgl and freetype libs for Windows 7 64-Bit to the description of

Contents->Compile of third-party products used for OCCT->Recommendations for compilation->FTGL

There is a description for "Compilation in 64 bit mode" of FTGL.

In the same way i have build the lib of Freetype first.

Hope that helps you.

Sharad Verma 2012/01/25 12:56
You will have to compile ftgl and freetype libraries for XP 64 bit.

I have attached both the libraries. Just unpack them and compile using visual studio.

Then give the path of the compiled binaries to the OCCT Compilation.
You have to be logged in to download the attached file
jordi 2012/01/25 13:10
Thanks, Verma.
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