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6.5.2 install configure --with-freetype

6.5.2 install configure --with-freetype
Ugo Capeto 2011/12/14 19:35
Hi all:
what exactly is the 'location of installed FreeType product' in the configure flags?

is it the install_dir of freetype (FREETYPE_INSTALL_DIR) or $FREETYPE_INSTALL_DIR/lib or something else?

I've tried $FREETYPE_INSTALL_DIR/lib and I am getting a compilation error:
FTFont.h not found when compiling OpenGL_FontMgr.cxx

Note: I've installed freetype 2.3.7 as required by OCC

This is a linux 64 bit install.
Ugo Capeto 2011/12/14 20:07
Same question for ftgl.
Ugo Capeto 2011/12/14 20:22
well, let me try the INSTALL_DIR since it kinda what the manual says, eheh.
Ugo Capeto 2011/12/14 21:24
hmm, nope, still doesn't work. same problem.
Ugo Capeto 2011/12/14 21:40
When looking at the Makefile in TKOpenGL, there's nothing for CSF_FTGL_INCLUDES and CSF_FTGL_LIBS although I've specified --with-ftgl=$FTGL_INSTALL_DIRECTORY in the configure flags.
The include and libs are correct for freetype though.
Ugo Capeto 2011/12/14 21:56
alright, feels like i am mostly talking to myself.

i ended up editing the Makefile in TKOpenGL
CSF_FTGL_INCLUDES = -I/blahblah/FTGL/include
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