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[Patch] OCCT 6.5.2 Fix build failures with g++ 4.6

[Patch] OCCT 6.5.2 Fix build failures with g++ 4.6
Denis Barbier 2011/12/13 11:48

Here is a patch to fix build failures with recent g++:
src/BRepClass3d/BRepClass3d_SClassifier.cxx: In member function ‘void BRepClass3d_SClassifier::PerformInfinitePoint(BRepClass3d_SolidExplorer&, Standard_Real)’:
src/BRepClass3d/BRepClass3d_SClassifier.cxx:93:44: error: taking address of temporary [-fpermissive]
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Forum supervisor 2011/12/14 11:42
Dear Denis,
In order to take advantage of the proposed patch, we are bound to sign the CLA Agreement with you.
So, we suggest you to register at the contribution portal -
and consider a possibility to sign the CLA according the procedure published on that site.
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