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Open Cascade 6.5

Open Cascade 6.5
Saneesh Kumar 2011/11/04 10:33
I have opencascade 6.3 in my machine configured for visual studio 2008.
After that i installed visual studio 2010

Now i need to install Opencascade 6.5 in my machine

when i am building the sample projects i am getting an error

"error spawning cl.exe" can anybody help me?
Mikael Aronsson 2011/11/08 11:00
I would guess you have messed something up when you installed 2010, check the directories under tools/options/directories, it may find an incorrect cl.exe or something like that.

Or do you mean this problem only occur when you compile OCC applications ?

In that case you might want to take a peek at the settings in the sample projects.
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