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Problems with Build of Visualization

Problems with Build of Visualization
Lolt D Proegler 2011/10/25 03:59
I'm interested in building the VS 2010 modules in ros\admin\vc10. I was proceeding in the suggested order and encountered problems with Visualization. First problem was missing FTFont.h. I found the answer to that one and applied the fix-ftgl-includes patch. Then the problem was missing FTGL/ftgl.h. I tried getting it from FTGL project on SourceForge, but that just created many more build errors. What am I missing?
Forum supervisor 2011/10/26 10:25
Dear Lolt D,
See section "Supported Platforms and Pre-requisites" of the "Open CASCADE Technology
and Products ver. 6.5.1 Maintenance Release".
And also section "Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology//Compilation of third-party products used for OCCT//Recommendations for compilation" of the html documentation.
I hope it should help.
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