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Some suggestions about wok

Some suggestions about wok
Denis Teissandier 2011/07/29 12:30

following recent installations of a 651 distribution, I suggest to improve the configuration of wok:
1. wok built always default binary files in a directory wnt. It would be wise to include win32 with the recent sub-directories.
2. The problem is the same in the compilation of an executable from wok framework. wok looks for dll in ./ros/wnt.
3. a simple line as : "call C:\MVS10\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat" before "call env_wok.bat" in the template wok.bat avoid to modify the different paths for cl.exe, link.exe ... in the CSF.edl file.


Forum supervisor 2011/08/01 10:55
Denis, thank you for this suggestion. We will consider it and will try to implement in future OCCT releases. Regards.
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