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OpenCascand Windows 64

OpenCascand Windows 64
vavanou 2011/07/20 10:28

Is anybody has compiled openCascade for Windows 64b.
I'm pretty bad in C++ and i think that it will take a while for me to try to compile it ;-( .

Thank in advance,
Hamish Lewis 2011/07/20 19:34
Forum supervisor 2011/07/21 07:48
Hello vavanou,

Open CASCADE Technology can be built for Windows 64-bit using the native tools provided within the distribution you may download from our web site at .

The building process consists of two steps:
- building 3rd party components
- building Open CASCADE Technology libraries

For more details please refer to the supplied on-line documentation ("Introduction / Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology / Building Modules").

Best regards,
Forum supervisor
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