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OCE 0.2.0 released

OCE 0.2.0 released
Thomas Paviot 2011/05/13 08:57
Dear all,

OCE 0.2.0 has been released, the main changes are related to the new CMake build system. The current autotools system is still available although it's not maintained anymore. It will be definitely dropped and removed from the next 0.3.0 release.

Here is details of the NEWS file.

* Add CMake build files. Works fine on Linux, needs more testing on Mac OSX and Windows.
[Thomas Paviot, Mark Pictor, Denis Barbier, QbProg]

* Let CMake generate and env.csh scripts with accurate variables.
[Denis Barbier]

* Fix lines in Visual3d_Layer class.
[Fotis Sioutis]

* Changes required to build OCE on some non-x86 architectures on Unix.
[Denis Barbier]

* Add OpenMP support, users can choose between OpenMP and TBB.
[Denis Barbier]

* When building with CMake, paths are set at compile time so that everything works without having to set environment variables.
[Denis Barbier]

Downloads/source code/issue tracker/wiki:
oce-dev mailing list:


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