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Rebuild OpenCascade 6.5

Rebuild OpenCascade 6.5
thomas 2011/04/04 15:16
I get a fatal error when I try to build the "visualisation" solution of the 6.5 under Visual 2005. The compiler do not find the "FTfont.h" file... Impossible to find this file in the Occ distribution ! Anyone has met this issue ? Thanks for your answers
P Dolbey 2011/04/04 16:35
Yes, similar problem with VC2010. I'm having to build all the dependent libraries first, including freetype and FTGL. This is where your current problem is coming from.

thomas 2011/04/04 16:51
Yes finally, I have downloaded the FTGL package on Sourceforge (
and I have added the "src" directory to the list of "include" directory in visual. Compilation of "visualization" solution is now ok, but I do not know if it will work without compile FTGL...
Thank you
Jens Kilian 2011/04/04 19:00
Your version of FTGL may be too recent; OCC officially supports 2.1.2.
Alternatively, there's a patch that works for more recent versions in the following thread:
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