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LIB files in OpenCascade6.5

LIB files in OpenCascade6.5
li 2011/04/02 04:58
Why don't find some *.lib file, such as TKVrml.lib, in OpenCascade6.5? This result that "LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'TKVrml.lib'"
Brook 2011/04/02 05:09
Have known.
Wang Jun 2011/04/02 08:56
Dose the "vc8" folder mean that OCC 6.5 can NOT be used in vc9, only in vc8? Please advise!
sergey zaritchny 2011/04/04 08:36
You can use both, but in case of vc9 you should rebuild OCCT reference by yourself.
For this you may use project files located at the ...//ros/adm//win32//vc9 sub-directory.
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