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Test harness saving/reading geometry

Test harness saving/reading geometry
PG 2011/01/31 05:55
In test harness, I can create geometry objects like like,circle,surface,etc. How to save and restore Geom_Geometry
objects as Geom_ objects itself - similar to 'bsave' and 'brestore' for topology objects.
sergey zaritchny 2011/01/31 09:17
You may overlook "Test Harness User's Guide".
I hope you will find all what you need.
PG 2011/01/31 09:28
Thanks, commands 'datadir', 'save', 'restore' in Section 3.2.4 of the 6.3.0 doc/thug.pdf.
Incidentally 'bsave' and 'brestore' are not documented in User's guide.
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