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gcc (with minGW) on windows

gcc (with minGW) on windows
Werner Karpen 2010/05/05 18:42

I want to develop some graphics preprocessor for a FEM program with OpenCascade on windows. According to the documentation Microsoft Visual Studio should be used for OpenCascade on windows. However, due to some incompatibilities of the Microsoft compiler with Ansi standard I can not follow this advice. Other libraries of the project definitely will only work with gcc (and minGW).

Has anybody experience with the combination "gcc/OpenCascade" on windows, preferably for the wxWidgets framework?

Thanks in advance.
Paul Jimenez 2010/05/06 07:59
It is indeed possible to use OpenCASCADE with MinGW, but the source needs to be modified to compile. There is some information about it available in the forums as well.

As a matter of fact, I compiled the first 4 modules (up to visualization) with MinGW and they work.
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