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Installation - Linking OCC to VC++

Installation - Linking OCC to VC++
Jomy Francis 2010/03/19 00:26
Hi All,
I am attaching the file which is a step by step guide to the changes required to make once you install, Microsoft VC++ and Open Cascade on your System.

God Bless
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Mike A 2010/03/26 07:17

I looked at the settings that you apply, and have a few suggestions:

Instead of adding directories that reference c:\opencas...\inc change this to use the environment variable CASROOT, i.e. $(CASROOT)\ros\inc and $(CASROOT)\ros\lib

Also in steps 17 & 18 you copy the release libs and dlls into the debug folder. This will work for quickness, but if you can spare the time I'd rebuild OpenCascade in debug and release. Also if you do when you build tkstep remove the wsock32.lib from the linker options otherwise you'll have problems when you running on 64bit windows. Search on the forums for wsock32 for my post about this.


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