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Too slow in drawexe (test harness)

Too slow in drawexe (test harness)
c.h.Liu 2010/02/25 04:27
when i use igesread command to import an iges file (size about 15 mega)
and use (move.tcl) to rotate,or to pan the object, themotions are very slow.
But when i try the mfc exmple-"improtExport", the result is quiet ok.
What is the difference between the view in drawexe and the view in mfc importExport ?

Or, did i miss any command in drawexe? I just need to speed up the
rotation/panning/zooming in the drawexe.exe, will someone please help me?

My tcl codes:

pload ALL
source move.tcl
igesread xxx.iges a *

Bearloga 2010/02/25 07:21
Remove iso lines from display by the command "isos":
isos a 0
Also, in Draw you can use AIS view:
vdisplay a
Hot keys in view: 't', 'a', 'f', 's', 'w'
c.h.Liu 2010/03/01 02:16
Many thanks for your help. I am new to occ.
I think i need to read the manuals more completely, before
asking those stupid questions!
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