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compilation error C2556

compilation error C2556
Pravin Mhatre 2010/01/25 12:25
I'm getting the following errors when i compile TKernel project. what could be the reason? Does anyone came across such errors?

error C2556:
'Handle_Standard_Type &Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_Type_(void)' : overloaded function differs only by return type from 'const Handle_Standard_Type &Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_Type_(void)'

1>.\drv\Message\Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_0.cxx(39) : error C2373: 'Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_Type_' : redefinition; different type modifiers

1>.\drv\Message\Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_0.cxx(61) : error C2373: 'Handle_Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale::DownCast' : redefinition; different type modifiers

1>.\drv\Message\Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_0.cxx(65) : error C3861: 'Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_Type_': identifier not found

1>.\drv\Message\Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_0.cxx(74) : error C3861: 'Message_SequenceNodeOfSequenceOfProgressScale_Type_': identifier not found
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