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How to build the source code of NaroCAD with Visual Studio 2008?

How to build the source code of NaroCAD with Visual Studio 2008?
fmnika 2009/12/05 08:16
I am interesting in 3D simulation with C#.
I download the source code of NaroCAD and i tried to complie the project but meet some problems.

There must some settings of the project need to be configures or modified in order to complie/run the whole project, I think.

Can anybody inform me the steps for building NaroCAD with Visual Studio 2008 in details?

Thanks and best regards!!
Ciprian Mustiata 2010/02/23 05:54

I am one of the developers of NaroCAD. Firstly I will kindly ask that is not an OpenCascade issue, so just for the future please send messages to NaroCAD's blog or forum. I just say this because here are mostly questions on OpenCascade. Please don't feel offended about this notice.

Here is a specific post in the blog items:
Just in case is not accurate the description or you will want to get more specific answers, please post a line under any blog item and either me (ciplogic) or bxtrx will try to give to you the expected answer.

Wish to you all the best,
earthmoon 2014/01/26 18:55
Dear Ciprian,

I build NaroCAD OK. But I met a warning when run it.

ex.Message = "Unable to load DLL 'NaroOccCore.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)"

Please do me a favor if you have time.

Thanks a lot.
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