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Problems with compiling Graphic3dDemo

Problems with compiling Graphic3dDemo
Tiberiu Chelcea 2009/11/10 14:05

I'm extremely new to OpenCascade, in fact so new that I still haven't managed to compile a single sample that comes with the distribution. I've honed into trying to compile Graphic3dDemo, but I ran into problems with missing Qt libs. The Qt distribution from Nokia does not include QtCored4.lib (for example) needed by Graphic3dDemo, so I had to download the sources and try to compile them. I've let the compilation run for about 9 hours, and it did not finish. I think the compilation ran into some infinite loop. However, QtCored4.lib was compiled by the time I've interrupted the compilation, so it could be used.

However, now compiling Graphic3dDemo complains about a missing Graph.lib. I don't seem to be able to figure out whether this is part of Windows, or part of Qt, or part of some other package. Does anyone know what this file is, and where can I get it?

More generally, are there some things/a checklist of things that I should do to be able to compile an OpenCascade application? It seems like it's too complicated, and maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I'm using Windows XP Pro, 32-bit dual-core proc, Visual Studio Professional 2009.

I've just started using Windows after about 17 years of Linux, so I'm a bit lost with the file types. As far as I can understand, the .lib files are static libraries, which will be incorporated in the final executable. Is there some way to compile the OpenCascade apps to use the corresponding .dll's?

Thank you.
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