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OCC with VC++2008

OCC with VC++2008
Raphael Mendonša 2009/09/25 22:34

I would like to know how install OpenCascade6.3 with VC++2008. I need a "step by step" tutorial. I┤m a C++ beginner user. Somebody help me?


Marco 2009/09/28 16:15
     -> options
          -> projects & solutions
               -> VC++ directories
                    -> show directories for...
                         ...include files:
                              add here "C:\OpenCASCADE6.3.0\ros\inc" (modify the path to your occ installation)
                         ...library files:
                              add here "C:\OpenCASCADE6.3.0\ros\win32\lib" (modify the path to your occ installation)

     -> properties
          -> linker
               -> c/c++
                    -> command line
                         add here "/DWNT"
               -> input
                    -> additional dependencies
                         add here all the libs you need. In my case they are:
Raphael Mendonša 2009/09/30 17:13
Thank you very much Marco!! Now I can start my OCC application.
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