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[pythonOCC] python wrapper for the OpenCASCADE API

[pythonOCC] python wrapper for the OpenCASCADE API
Thomas Paviot 2009/04/10 15:33
Hi all,

A huge work was achieved since the last post related to pythonOCC on this forum . I'm pleased to announce today the 'wo0.2' pythonOCC release, 2 months after the previous one and almost one year after the beginning of the project. You may be aware of the different changes that were made, but here is a brief sum-up:

* 'wo' stands for 'Whole OpenCascade': almost the whole OCC API (about 90%) is now covered by the wrapper,
* memory leaks were fixed,
* pythonOCC comes now with a complete set of sample scripts,
* the licence was moved to the GNU General Public License v3,
* many˛ bugfixes and improvements.

See for more information (and the screenshot page

Best Regards,

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