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link error saying .lib file not found

link error saying .lib file not found
Divya 2008/09/30 08:06
while trying to build and debug opencascade examples from vc++ it says link error and .lib files not found.visual studio version can we solve this??
P Dolbey 2008/09/30 13:40
When you build examples in debug mode, the OCC projects are set up to look in the ros\win32\libd rather than the ros/win32/lib folder. As you haven't rebuilt the debug libs from source these libraries won't exist, so a "simple" fix is to copy all the *lib files from \lib to \libd. Of course you won't be able to debug though the OCC code.

Divya 2008/10/02 18:05
Afetr linking all library files and building when we try to run the program it says:

"application has failed to start because mfcsample.dll was not found.reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

how can we run this application?
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