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Open CASCADE Technology 6.3 (Minor Public Release)

Open CASCADE Technology 6.3 (Minor Public Release)
Webmaster 2008/09/03 18:52
Open CASCADE S.A.S. is pleased to announce a new public minor release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 6.3). This release introduces over 170 new features, improvements and bug fixes, over minor public release 6.2. and maintenance release 6.2.1 (December 2007) exclusively available to the customers. Open CASCADE Technology has become more powerful and robust!

Main improvements in this version:

- Open CASCADE tessellation algorithms (used for building triangulation of shapes in visualization) have been unified and improved
- Next step in thread-safety: protection against concurrent construction / destruction of Handle objects
- A new visualization library NIS (New Interactive Service) has been implemented
- Objects serving as an intermediate layer between OCAF data attributes and high-level (e.g. GUI) code has been implemented
- New supported platforms : Windows Vista, Mandriva2006, 2007, 2008, Debian Etch, Red Hat Enterprise 4.0
- New supported compiler: gcc 4.0-4.2, Visual C++ 8.0

Visualization User Guide has been updated, new User Guides have been written and added:

- Voxels User Guide
- OCAF TObj package User Guide
- OCAF Function Mechanism User Guide

Detailed information is available in 6.3 Overview and Release Notes (PDF).

Please, feel free to contact us for more information.

Version 6.3 is available for public download from the Open CASCADE web site at:
Hugues 2008/09/05 12:55

I've just successfully built OpenCascade 6.3.0 on Ubuntu 8.04 with g++ 4.2.3. Rebuilt also my apps against occ 6.3.0, every thing seems to work !

Really appreciate that g++ warnings are wiped out.

Little question, we can't have both debug and release builts installed in the same OpenCascade folder ?
By reading the docs, I prefered to have two separated OpenCascade folders, one for release (production) and one for debug.
Do you confirm we cant' call ./configure --enable-debug=yes --enable-production=yes" ?

Webmaster 2008/09/11 14:49
Dear Open CASCADE Technology users,

We would like to inform you that the page Download Open CASCADE 6.3 has been updated with the new versions of the archives:
Windows package - OpenCASCADE_win32.exe
Source package - OpenCASCADE_src.tgz

This update corrects the error that occurred in the process of archives packaging:
two packages of the new TObj component were not included in the archives.

The users who plan to use TObj components should download the new versions of the archives.
In all other aspects the new distributive is the same as the previous version of the archives.

We present our apologies for the inconvenience.
Svetlozar Kostadinov 2008/09/11 19:08
Greetings! In fact I have compiled even version 6.2 on Visual Studio 9.0, but it seems it's not yet officially supported.
P Dolbey 2008/09/15 17:31
You can find my VS2008 build environment here

OCC 6.3 patches for qtocc are in progress - please do NOT apply the collected patches in for 6.3.

Artem Chernetzov 2008/09/16 13:27
Are there some improvements in C# interaction?
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