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OCAF Library build step

OCAF Library build step
Tim Mooring 2008/04/09 02:19
I have a package with several classes defined in cdl files and implemented in cxx files. However I can't get umake to progress beyond the obj.idep step. Even when I explicitly issue: umake -s xcpp.template -t obj.lib, it just runs through the idep step and reports success. What triggers it to build a library? Do I need to add a build step manually? I can't help think it's some syntax in COMPONENTS or FILES. The object files are all created, but no library. When I try to build an executable that uses the package everything goes well up to the final link when it fails to locate -lMyPackage. Sorry to be a bother, but I'm so close to being able to create a document and maybe being able to draw something!
Thanks in Advance
Torsten Sadowski 2008/04/09 15:57

you need a additional unit for the library with a PACKAGES file which contains all compilation units for the library and FILES and EXTERNLIB.

Have a look at src/TKernel

Torsten Sadowski 2008/04/09 16:03
I forgot to mention its

ucreate -t TKMyStuff

for the unit.

The TK is of course optional but I use it too for consistency.

Tim Mooring 2008/04/09 18:56
Thank you very much! I have seen the EXTERNLIB files in the ros/src directories along with one INTERNLIB file, the former listing OS system libraries and the second used, as I understand the write-up, to actually prevent the creation of a shared library. I'm still at the conceptual level and trying to work my way into the logistical aspects of implementation. I am very much impressed with OCAF and all that it does for you in terms of source management and rapid design. Your response gives me a path forward this morning.
Thanks again,
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