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BRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire::Add(TopoDS_Wire) Bug?

BRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire::Add(TopoDS_Wire) Bug?
Torsten Sadowski 2008/04/08 22:21

if a wire is added in MakeWire all edges of the wire are added in sequence. I the last edge is the one connecting to the wire only this last edge is added because all others fail beforehand.

I would suggest something like this:

      Standard_Boolean isd = true;
      TopTools_MapOfShape moe;
      TopExp_Explorer ex(W,TopAbs_EDGE);
      while (ex.More()) {
      while (isd && moe.Extent())
      TopTools_MapIteratorOfMapOfShape mi(moe);
      for (;mi.More(); mi.Next())
           isd = IsDone();
           if (isd)

This tries to add edges until no further edges succeed and it at least works for me.

Hennig 2013/01/28 17:44
Thanks Torsten, this works quite well.

Dont know why it is not integrated in the general BRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire or ShapeAnalysis_FreeBounds::ConnectWiresToWires().... because there it doesnt work to..???

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