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port application to Borland

port application to Borland
Christophe Abel 2008/01/15 14:32
I have now totally port my application on CodeGear 2007(C++) with Fiotis SOUTIS code.
all seems to work as well as on Visual.
Thanks to him for this great works

Christophe ABEL
bin 2008/08/27 16:40
Can you share some simple examples for demo? It's tough for beginner to write first project. Hope more guys can join this wonderful community.
Fotis Sioutis 2008/08/28 13:20
Hello Bin !!

You can download the latest package for BDS ( occ 6.2 ) and you can find in the samples folder the MakeBottle example and a small demo application that creates primitives.In the BCB 6 package that you have there are no samples.It is not so difficult to port the samples from BDS to Builder 6.

Many greetings !

bin 2008/09/01 14:23
Hello Fotis!

The link does not work, who can provide a BDS(occ6.2) location for me?

Fotis Sioutis 2008/09/01 14:49
A direct link to download the package is :


bin 2008/09/07 13:54
Thank Fotis, I've got the OCC Borland.rar, When I port the demo to CBuilder6, I can do build exe, but the demo can't run, because the two versions have difference in Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice class, that always cause "new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice()" fail.
Fotis Sioutis 2008/09/08 14:41
As long as i can remember , i had no issues on the occ 6.1 for bcb 6 creating the Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice and other Visualization objects.You may have to check the following :

a)Environment variables settings
b)Executable startup code concerning math error handlers and FPU programming (check the forum).

If both of the above is not the case , then unfortunatelly i cannot help much since i dropped bcb6 and occ 6.1 for some time now.Another question is , why don't you upgrade to BDS 10 or higher , since the "Explorer edition" can be obtained for free and gives you almost the same capabilities (plus a new and better compiler, plus new VCL objects ) ?

With owner

Sioutis Fotis
lqw.1001 2008/09/06 03:33
Do you try make an OCAF project with OCC for Borland. Now I have some trouble doing it.
Fotis Sioutis 2008/09/06 07:53
Can you be more specific ?
So far, i have tried most of the features OCAF offers, and had no problem at all...
lqw.1001 2008/09/10 12:16
Maybe I have made some mistake, I will try again.
lqw.1001 2008/09/19 03:59
All problems have been done.
Thanks you for your effort.
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