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Home / Developer Corner / Forums / Installation and building / Java installer broken in more ways than one

Java installer broken in more ways than one

Java installer broken in more ways than one
Mark Whitis 2007/11/30 10:36
First, install.csh died because it ran a version of java that links to a version of the libstdc++ library that predates the industrial revolution.
cd /usr/local/src/OpenCASCADE/Linux
java -jar setup.jar

This gets as far as letting me select components and displaying the welcome screen and the progress bar.
Then it crashes
#0 0xb7f064d0 in pthread_join () from /lib/
#1 0x0804deb8 in ContinueInNewThread ()
#2 0x0804986d in main () crashes

This appears to be intermittent, sometimes I get past that point to the next bug and sometimes not.

And all this on a system I had managed to install opencascade on before. I am reinstalling because a lot of the demos have broken because they link to outdated libraries that have been removed.

OS distribution: debian testing
Java: sun-j2se6.0-jre-binary
This is the newest version in testing
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+
kernel: 2.6.22-2-686 #1 SMP
(Note: this is a single CPU system, 32 bit mode)

Bug #3
"Open CASCADE Technology 6.2.0 will be installed in the following location:

No, You did not ask me where to install it and that is not where I said to install it the last time (/opt/OpenCASCADE6.2.0) either, it is just the current directory which I can't change because the JVM is stupid and java programs, including this one, break when you run them from a sensible directory.

java -classpath /usr/local/src/OpenCASCADE/Linux/ /usr/local/src/OpenCASCADE/Linux/setup.jar
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: /usr/local/src/OpenCASCADE/Linux/setup/jar

Really need to ditch this installshield and java crap.
#2 Reported as a bug on the sun-j2se6.0-jre-binary package.

Where the blazes is the bug reporting form for opencascade?
Arthur Magill 2007/12/08 19:00
Hi Mark,

Yes, the java/installshield stuff is...well, it's not good. You may be interested in the work Daniel and Alvaro have been doing to package OCC for Gentoo:

They're using sources stripped out from the installer you're been playing with, to build sensibly on a Linux system. You may be able to adapt this to Debian quite easily.

As for bug reporting, I think you've found it. OCC staff are rumoured to read these forums, so you may get a response if you're lucky, but don't hold your breath ;-)

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