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Home / Developer Corner / Forums / Port to Borland C++ / cascade with Borland C++ product

cascade with Borland C++ product

cascade with Borland C++ product
Etienne Cocquebert 2000/10/18 09:19
Does anybody is interested with the port of Opern Cascade under Borland C++ Builder ?
Jan Stoetzer 2000/10/18 11:24
I would be very interested in OCC with C-Builder. I even did want to write some C-Builder components for using OCC by myself but actually I do not have time for doing this. But such a port would be a fine thing.
Andrew Lowe 2000/10/24 08:34
Count me in on this. I am looking to start doing something along these lines in about a weeks time.

Victor Soto 2003/06/13 17:38
Has anybody succeed in porting opencascade to Borland builder C++ v.5 or higher?
Any hint?
GC 2003/07/04 18:40
I have tried to use borland C++B5 with OC4.0 but did not succed, because of the difference between the libraries used by borland and by VC++6. As I remenber, the utilitary to transform VC libs in borland format did not work correctly. So I think it is not possible to use borland with OC4.0
Eri Pascual 2001/03/15 17:52
I'm too very interested in this operation, although I'm not a CppBuilder expert (I'm a regular user of Delphi though since v1).

What is sure is that I want to avoid Visual Studio.

hamid 2003/02/28 15:39
What do you think about port open CASCASDE to Delphi? I want to do that.
and also consider how to use cascade 2003/05/28 17:38
I am a delphi fun. Anybody like to do the portation work, pls count me.
Andy Laberge 2003/05/29 00:25
I would like to see this also ported to Borland C++ Builder. Will the version be important? I have version 5. How may I help?
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