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OCC installation in LINUX

OCC installation in LINUX
Rajesh Kishore 2007/04/27 08:20
Hi all,
Can anybody give step by step instruction for installing OCC in Linux?
Thanks in advance.
Umar Said 2007/04/27 14:09
$ tar -C /tmp -zxvf OpenCASCADE_Linux.tgz

$ cd /tmp/Linux

$ java -jar setup.jar

Just clik Next or press Enter till the end.
I use java (jdk1.6.0) from sun.
Thomas Drillich 2007/04/27 21:11
Here on Debian/Etch amd64 installer stops at creating uninstaller.
And was only the first time of installation possible to select target directory.
Any Ideas ?
Jan Brüninghaus 2007/04/28 01:31
OCC creates an file in your home-directory durign installation (somthing like *.vpd or so, if i remember right). Delete it and it will ask for the target directory again.
Rajesh Kishore 2007/04/30 14:50
Thanks Umar, can you tell how to set/ create the environment variable in LInux(SUSE) so that i can set the environment variable that are needed for OCC?
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