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SALOME 3.2.1 Public Release

SALOME 3.2.1 Public Release
Webmaster 2006/07/28 12:34
OPEN CASCADE is pleased to announce maintenance SALOME 3.2.1 version. It is a maintenance release that contains the results of planned major and minor improvements and bug fixes with reference to SALOME version 2.2.2 released at the beginning of year 2005.
The most important new features and improvements included in this release are:

  • New and completely redesigned GUI framework proposes modern look and feel, clear and safe GUI programming model, multi-desktop approach, tabulated viewers and dockable windows concepts;
  • Dump Python functionality allows to save SALOME study as a Python script that can later be executed in SALOME;
  • Support of polygonal/polyhedral mesh elements and quadratic meshes both in SMESH and VISU;
  • Improved ergonomic of meshing GUI;
  • New viewer of fields in gauss points. This feature uses advanced features of modern graphic cards;
  • Ability to make light SALOME modules (without CORBA);
  • Redesigned documentation;
  • And many other features.

Salome 3.2.1. features many new features and bug corrections over the previous public version (2.2.2).

SALOME 3.2.1
supports Mandrake 10.1, Debian Sarge, Mandriva 2006, RedHat 8.0, 9.0, RedHat Enterprise 4, Scientific Linux 3.1 and Mandriva 64 bit. Please note that SALOME is not certified on this latter OS. See Salome Release Notes for a full list of prerequisites that are valid for SALOME 3.2.1 version.

The SALOME 3.2.1 pre-compiled binaries for Mandrake 10.1, Debian Sarge, Mandriva 2006 and RedHat 8.0 can be downloaded from the
download page of the website.

Detailed information is available in Salome 3.2.1 Release Notes (PDF) that can be found on the download page.

Please, feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Sincerely yours,
Open CASCADE Support Team
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