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This page is the entry point to OPEN CASCADE Forums. Forum topics are listed in a tree-structure depending on the topic category. If you want to switch to the old look of the Forum (non-categorized), please click on the "See All Topics" link on the left. Click on "Switch to Categorized View" if you want to switch back. For all issues regarding the Forums use, please, refer to the Forum Rules.

Installation and usage
This group of forums is created for OCCT users to exchange and share experience and information. OPEN CASCADE team revises the forums and may post some guidelines from time to time but community users are the primary participants. If you need professional assistance from OPEN CASCADE experts please consider subscribing to our support services.
Usage issues 8063 topics
Forum about general usage of OCCT libraries.
Installation and building 383 topics
Forum about installation and building of OCCT libraries.
Draw and samples 86 topics
Forum about using Draw and OCCT samples.
OPEN CASCADE Applications 0 topics
Forum about OPEN CASCADE end user applications

Place for various announcements concerning OCCT software.
OCCT releases 32 topics
Announcements of OCCT releases.
Other announcements 31 topics
Various announcements by OPEN CASCADE.

Community projects
Place for discussing community projects where OCCT is used. Please contact us for opening a forum about your project based on OCCT libraries.
Unsorted projects 54 topics
Forum about various community projects.
FreeCAD 5 topics
FreeCAD by Jürgen Riegel ( is a general purpose feature-based, parametric 3D modeler.
HeeksCAD 1 topics
HeeksCAD by Daniel Heeks ( is a free, open source, CAD application.
exoTK 10 topics
exoTK by Stephane Routelous ( is a high level class library used to build a 3d solid modeler (exoTKAD).
pythonCascade 10 topics
pythonCascade by Sandor Racz ( is a Python wrapper for Open CASCADE Technology.
jCAE 1 topics
jCAE by Guillaume Alléon ( is a JAVA based environment for CAE applications.
pythonOCC 20 topics
PythonOCC by Thomas Paviot ( is a Python wrapper for Open CASCADE Technology.
NaroCAD 5 topics
NaroCAD by Ciprian Mustiata ( is a 3D parametric modeling CAD application.
Port to Borland C++ 12 topics
OCCT port to Borland C++ by Fotis Sioutis (
OpenShapeFactory 2 topics
OpenShapefactory is a Qt-based Geometry Factory that provides a single-point of entry to the most of OCCT geometrical operations.
Latest news
  • Open CASCADE CAD Assistant for iOS platform is available!
  • Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 is available for download!
  • JT Assistant for Android

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