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In addition to support of exact geometrical representation of 3D objects Open CASCADE Technology provides functionality to work with tessellated representations of the objects, in the form of mesh.

Open CASCADE Technology mesh functionality provides:
- data structures to store surface mesh data associated to shapes, and some basic algorithms to handle these data
- data structures and algorithms to build surface triangular mesh from BRep objects (shapes).
- tools to extend 3D visualization capabilities of Open CASCADE Technology with displaying meshes along with associated pre- and post-processor data.

Additionally, Open CASCADE Technology includes two mesh converters:
- VRML converter translates Open CASCADE shapes to VRML 1.0 files (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). Open CASCADE shapes may be translated in two representations: shaded or wireframe. A shaded representation present shapes as sets of triangles computed by a mesh algorithm while a wireframe representation present shapes as sets of curves.
- STL converter translates Open CASCADE shapes to STL files. STL (STtereoLithography) format is widely used for rapid prototyping.

Open CASCADE SAS also offers Advanced Mesh Products:
- Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF)
- Express Mesh

Besides, we can efficiently help you in the fields of surface and volume meshing algorithms, mesh optimization algorithms etc. If you require a qualified advice about meshing algorithms, do not hesitate to benefit from the expertise of our team in that domain.

The projects dealing with numerical simulation can benefit from using SALOME - an Open Source Framework for CAE with CAD data interfaces, generic Pre- and Post- F.E. processors and API for integrating F.E. solvers.

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