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Split shapes

Glue shapes



This library provides algorithms to build both form and mechanical feature topologies on shapes.

The form features include:

- Cylinders
- Draft prisms
- Prisms
- Revolved features
- Pipes

The mechanical features include:

- Ribs
- Grooves

It often raises a need to perform low-level splitting/glueing operations on shapes. Open CASCADE provides the following algorithms for that:

- Split shape. This algorithm allows to define particular faces in a shape and new edges which should split that faces. Upon completion the algorithm gives the part of the shape which is situated on the left side of the line composed from new edges. In combination with the Section algorithm it is a powerful tool for partitioning shapes.

- Glue shapes. This algorithm allows to define pairs of faces and pairs of edges of two neighboring shapes to glue. Upon completion the algorithm gives the glued shape with cut out parts of faces inside the shape.


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