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  • Geometric Tools
  • Geometry Utilities
  • Topological Tools
  • Construction of Primitives
  • Boolean Operations
  • Fillets and Chamfers
  • Offsets and Drafts
  • Features
  • Hidden Line Removal
  • Sewing


    Modeling algorithms

    The Modeling Algorithms module groups together a range of topological algorithms used in modeling. Along with these tools, you will find the geometric algorithms which they call.

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    wide range of ready-to-use algorithms designed to build complex objects using classical modeling methodology based on construction of primitives, boolean operations, fillets and chamfers, offset, drafts, sweep and features

    Provide both a simple and powerful interface for the user, including error handling and access to extra information provided by the algorithms

    New specific algorithms may be built easily by reuse of the algorithmic tool level (intersection, topology builder)

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