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Case Coverage

Supported protocols are AP203 and AP214 (up to IS), and interoperability with AP209 (Analysis) and AP210 (electro-mechanics), and with PDM Schema regarding assembly description.

Domains of data types actually supported for STEP exchanges mainly include:
  • BREP and wireframe shapes (geometry, topology)
  • Assemblies (including external references)
  • Product Data, Colors and Names
  • Validation Properties
Ongoing domains are for Multiple Shapes and Material Properties.

Domains under watch, waiting for expressed user need and for availability of other implementations (otherwise, there is nothing to exchange) include:
    Algebric Geometry
  • Parametric Geometry (by Construction History)
  • Parametric Assemblies
Other works are more specially focused on AP209 (not only interoperability : see SALOME), on thermical analysis (STEP-TAS, not an ISO part, but follows the rules of STEP).


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