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Involvements of Open CASCADE

Open Cascade is involved in technology watch and participation to implementation forums dedicated to STEP. Especially the CAX-IF, which is mostly focused on "implementation and use of STEP in CAD applications", which works in close relationship with "brother" forums, working on PDM, Analysis ... Beside the forums, there are ISO works on STEP with dedicated workshops on specific subjects, Open Cascade participates to those which can impact its core activities.

These forums allow to not only "follow the standard" but also define common understanding and practices, exchange experiences and get aware of the growing needs. Consequently, participating to them allows us to keep informed about news and changes to the STEP standards and their use, maintain up-to-date level of our STEP modules, in particular regarding interoperability with "fellow APs", as introduction of new capabilities. Moreover, this also provides a common test basis among the participants to improve their STEP processors on real cases.


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