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STEP Exchanges in Open Cascade technology

Beyond the upper level API, which is fitted for an easy end-use, the STEP exchange functions enter in the general frame of Exchanges in Open Cascade, adapted for STEP:
  • Specific packages for Data definition and checking
  • Physical Access supported by Drivers (Part 21 file access is embedded)
  • Conversion to/from Open Cascade or applicative data supported by drivers (OCC-BREP and XDE ard basically provided)
  • Tools for analysis, filtering, etc... including DRAW commands
These modules share common architecture and capabilities with other exchange modules of Open Cascade, like Shape Healing. Also, built-in Viewer and Converter (as Plugin for Netscape, Internet Explorer ..), are based on the same technology.

In addition, Open Cascade provides tools to process models described using STEP: to reflect EXPRESS descriptions, to read, write and check data, to analyse whole models ... Following these guide lines:
  • Modularity by sets of data types, which can be hierarchized to reflect the original modularity, so describing the resources, application protocols ...
  • Implementation as classes CDL/C++ , providing comprehensive access to their members
  • Early binding is basically used, providing performances and ease of installation and use. Plus capability to support non-compiled descriptions
This provides a natural way to deal with non-supported protocols when they share common definitions, as for geometry, which can then be exploited. The common frame, as the already supported data types, give a good fundation to go towards new uses of STEP, either on data definition (protocols from ISO or from industrial consortia) or on mapping with applicative data.


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