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    Home / Open CASCADE / Technical overview / Data Exchange (standardized) / STEP in Open CASCADE

    STEP in Open CASCADE

    STEP is more and more widely used to exchange data between various kinds of softwares, involved in CAD, PDM, Analysis, etc... STEP is far more than an "exchange standard" : it provides a technology and a set of methodologies to describe data to exchange in a modular and evolutive way. Regarding Open Cascade, this mostly applies to CAD data but it is not a limitation, other kinds of data for specific applications can be addressed too.

    So, Open Cascade allows its users to address the STEP topic in these domains:
    • Exchange of data for technical applications, following the state-of-the-art definitions and rules
    • Extension of case coverage, according to specific needs or to the evolution of general business uses
    • Expertise on data architecture of an application, to get experience from STEP definitions and make easier the mapping to them, for a better interoperability with outer world

    More about...

    Our expertise

    Added to the capability of Open Cascade technology to work with STEP, as it is or by extensions, we have also expertise in real implementation of STEP exchangers, from ISO definitions or dedicated to a specific domain.

    Open Cascade can support user projects involving STEP for:
    • Specify, Develop, mapping between user application data and the STEP protocols already supported, with their evolutions
    • Implement a STEP protocol or subset which applies for a particular domain (already defined), and follow up its evolution, ISO or particular
    • Specify and implement a STEP protocol or subset in a particular domain, to support evolution of the needs for exchanging data, according to the state of the art
    • Specify and develop for an application, mapping with such a STEP protocol
    • Support the use of STEP in an application, existing or to come : this leads to check convergence and compliance concerns with existing or coming STEP definitions.


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