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Other Shape Healing Functionality

The Shape Healing toolkit can be used also independently on IGES and STEP translators.

It provides convenient API to many functions, which can be divided in three groups:
- A function to analyze shape characteristics and, in particular, identify shapes that do not comply with Open CASCADE validity rules
- A function to repair problem shapes
- A function to upgrade shape characteristics.

The analysis package detects shapes that do not conform to Open CASCADE geometry and topology validity rules by analyzing geometrical objects and topology. This package:
- checks edge and wire consistency,
- checks edge order in a wire,
- checks the orientation of face boundaries,
- analyzes shape tolerances,
- returns the closed and open wires in a boundary

The repair package includes but is not limited to functions that:
- Ensure consistency between the 3D curve and its corresponding parametric curve.
- Repair defective wires
- Ensure the shapes conform to a user given tolerance value
- Fills gaps between patches and edges

The upgrading package enables the following functions:
- Reduction of curve and surface degree
- Splitting of shapes to obtain C1 continuity
- Conversion of any types of curves or surfaces to Bezier or Bspline curves or surfaces and back
- Splitting of closed surfaces and revolution surfaces.


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