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The Open CASCADE Graphical User Interface Framework (GUIF) is a toolkit intended for developing the graphical user interface of applications based on the Open CASCADE Application Framework (OCAF).

GUIF complements OCAF to make Open CASCADE Technology a genuine, portable application framework.
GUIF is centered on the association of many application-documents hosted by a common desktop. It features:

- Multiple Document Interface (MDI), that is, management of many documents in a single desktop (main window)
- Multiple Viewers per Document allowing a document to be displayed, for example, in 3D and data views (tree-view)
- 3D Viewer including ready-to-use user interaction such as zoom, pan, 3D rotations and graphic selection of geometrical models - simple and multiple selection as well as selection by rectangular lasso
- Notion of an active document - once the user clicks on a view, the associated document (and application) is activated
- User Actions implemented as operation objects
- Binding with the Open CASCADE document, 3D viewer and graphical selection mechanism

Open CASCADE GUIF is available as SALOME User Interface Toolkit (SUIT) which is a part of SALOME Open Source distribution ( ). This implementation of the framework is based on the Qt library which makes the application portable on Windows, Linux and all major Unix platforms.

To our clients we offer customization of the Open CASCADE GUIF based on:

- Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). The Windows Application Desktop (WAD) makes the application native Windows.
- C#. The C# Application Desktop makes the application portable an all platforms that run C#.
- Swing Java 2 library. The Java Application Desktop (JAD) makes the application portable on the platforms running the Java 2 Virtual Machine.


GUIF does not impose any look and feel and it is customizable by the user

GUIF allows a ready to use multi-document / multi-view association on any platforms: Unix, Linux, Windows

GUIF incorporates both Open CASCADE viewers and OCAF data structure

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