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Development tools

Open CASCADE provides complete set of development tools applicable for small in-house developments and for huge industrial projects.

The Open CASCADE Test Harness, also called Draw, is an easy-to-use testing tool for the geometric modeling libraries. It can be used to test and demonstrate modeling components before building an entire application. It includes:
- A command interpreter based on the TCL language
- A 2D and a 3D viewer based on X on Unix and Win32 API on Windows
- A set of pre-defined commands

The Test Harness is a single program written in C++, which can be called from interpreted commands. Pre-defined commands provide general-purpose services such as:
- Getting help
- Evaluating a script from a file
- Capturing commands in a file
- Managing views
- Displaying objects
The viewers support operations such as zoom, pan, rotation and full-screen views.

The Test Harness also provides geometric commands to create and manipulate curves and surfaces, and topological commands to create and manipulate shapes. Geometric and topological commands implement geometry and topology resources, and provide examples of their use.

You can add new test harness commands to Draw in order to test or demonstrate a new functionality which you are developing.

The source code of this harness is provided.

Workshop Organization Kit (WOK) provides:
- A set of structuring elements to dispatch the source files of large software projects, as a set of development units on which developers act using standard tools.
- Organization of different working areas for development teams using workbenches so that concurrent development is easier.
- Organization workbenches in workshops to manage processes related to software maintenance.

Placement of workshops in factories to manage very large scale development. WOK leaves you free to access your favorites tools for performing the usual tasks of the development process:
- Editors
- Compilers and/or send various processors (lex ,yacc)
- Linkers to create shareable libraries
- Debuggers, investigation tools etc.

WOK comes as an extension of the Tcl scripting langage. It allows you to:
- Create entities and control their physical location
- Manage the development unit's build process
- Wrap access to various tools involved in the build process (Compilers, linkers, ...)
- Easily automate daily tasks


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