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  • 3D geometric modeling
  • 3D graphics
  • Interoperability
  • Pre and post-processing
  • CAD/CAM/CAE applications


    Areas of use

    Whether you are a software vendor or an industrial company, a research institute or a University, or an individual developer you will encounter similar issues when developing specific technical and scientific applications.

    No matter what your business profile is, Open CASCADE Technology brings you numerous competitive advantages over other modeling kernels. Using Open CASCADE Technology will increase your productivity and will solve very special problems.

    To help you evaluate whether Open CASCADE Technology is the right tool for developing your specific applications, we list a few typical examples of applications and show what Open CASCADE Technology offers to speed up their development (see "More about...").

    These typical needs can appear in various industrial domains, such as aerospace or automotive sectors, in scientific research or commercial software edition. Discover these and other domains where Open CASCADE Technology has already been successfully applied. Find out about leading companies that already benefited from using it. See our customer list at

    Wheel stresses distribution
    Courtesy of Samtech

    Toolpath for Dieless Forming Machine created in the AFS application
    Courtesy of Amino

    Latest news
  • Open CASCADE CAD Assistant for iOS platform is available!
  • Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 is available for download!
  • JT Assistant for Android

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