Open CASCADE, the 3D modelling kernel
3D modeling & numerical simulation



Software editors

Open CASCADE Technology provides editors of CAD, CAM, CAE, AEC or GIS software with a complete development platform dedicated to 3D modeling and simulation applications.

With Open CASCADE Technology, their developments are based on a platform which is :
   - independent of proprietary software editors, eliminating the need to call on the competition for a modeling kernel;
   - state-of-the-art and fully up to market standards;
   - available with full source code that enables support of extended range of platforms and configurations requested by their end-users.

In addition, Open CASCADE libraires can easily be linked with other components (for GUI, visualization, meshing, etc.), thereby enlarging development possibilities.

These editors benefit from the professional support of Open CASCADE engineers, who know their needs and can adapt to the evolution of their project. To integrate more added-value features into their applications software editors can take advantage of additinal software components available on top of Open CASCADE Technology.


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