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Industrial companies obtain competitive advantage from applications which encapsulate their specific know-how. In many cases, this need is not covered by commercial CAD/CAM software or is difficult or expensive to implement.

Open CASCADE Technology is the answer! With Open CASCADE Technology...
- these companies can develop their own application and rely on cost-effectve support from the Open CASCADE team, or
- they can call on Open CASCADE experts for the development, deployment and maintenance of a specific application.

In both cases, the Open CASCADE solution brings:
- easy integration of a company's specific application with generic CAD systems, thanks to powerful data exchange capabilities, an effective GUI, and advanced visualization and meshing functions.
- the possibility of developing a robust CAD-to-FEM link by using the Open CASCADE application framework, modeling and visualization functions, and data exchange.
- all the advantages of an open-source tool:
  - product continuity
  - full access to the source code
  - low cost: no runtime fee (companies pay only for the services they need)
- up-to-the-minute technology in a full-function 3D modeling tool



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