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    Access to source code
    CAD/CAM/CAE software developers who need full control over the quality, stability and robustness of their applications choose Open CASCADE Technology because they can access its high-quality code. The users of Open CASCADE Technology can freely adapt, modify and enrich its source code by necessary functionality according to their particular needs.

    No license fees
    Our customers and users choose Open CASCADE Technology because it can be used free of charge, and with no limitation as to the number of installed copies, meaning a greatly reduced cost of solutions based on it. Absence of license fees reduces costs of evaluation period, prototyping and piloting projects.

    Product continuity
    Software vendors who care about the longevity of their products use Open CASCADE Technology because its permanent evolution and continuity are ensured by OPEN CASCADE SAS, our industrial customers maintaining their own Open CASCADE Technology based solutions, and the worldwide community of Open CASCADE Technology users.

    Companies which pay significant attention to the quality of their software develop with Open CASCADE Technology because its increasing quality and robustness is ensured by the Initial Developer (OPEN CASCADE SAS). A large community of industrial users and customers are constantly testing the software thus helping OPEN CASCADE SAS maintain a high level of quality and robustness of Open CASCADE Technology.

    Openness and interoperability
    Software vendors requiring their products to provide easy connection with other CAD/CAM/CAE software used by their customers prefer Open CASCADE Technology because it provides wide data exchange possibilities, both through neutral formats and directly with CAD systems. This enables an open, long-term viability of the solutions based thereupon.

    Complete commercial support
    Commercial software editors looking for a complete development platform and expert support choose Open CASCADE Technology as an ideal combination - you pay for the support, not for the license! Support Services are very flexible and include numerous options - just choose what you really need.

    Check real examples of successful projects developed by our customers using Open CASCADE Technology at


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